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Timeless. by Ryuutsu

I really do love this piece of art work. I am a Merthur fan so I really do love this. Showing how Merlin waited for Arthur all these years, so when Arthur returned to Albion, Merlin would would be waiting for him. Which I though was very sweet.
Your choice of technique is very impressive. I really like how you made the cars in the background slightly smudged, so they look like they are speeding past and not seeing the two legends returned. As well as the many people walking by. It's like time has sped up around Merlin and Arthur. Like the whole world doesn't matter as long as they have each other. You have done very well and should be proud.
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Ryuutsu Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! ^^ So glad to see my idea got across to people in a way I wanted to, which is, everything speeding past around the two of them, because none of that matters (: Thanks again for your lovely words!

GryffindorPrincess74 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013
Your welcome :D
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